Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Ol Days!!

Here 's an old model I stumbled across from everyones favorite FOP episode Good Ole Days!! It's Cosmo and Wanda
as foxes, that was a fun one!


ChrisHoobler said...

hey there

i ran into your blog and noticed your from ccs. im currently attending ccs right now and im really digging everything your working on. hope you dont mind if i add your link!

Gordon Hammond said...

Hey Chris!!

Sure that would be great...thank you!! How are things at CCS these days....?
I loved my time there, best four years of my life!!

ChrisHoobler said...

ccs is great, we have a really close knit group and the art being produced is really fantastic and inspiring. ccs is currently taking over the argonaut building down the street. should be up and running by next year!

anyways hope you have a great day!

jay said...

lol- these are great! they are soo cute! good job on this G!

Gordon Hammond said...

Thanks Jay....cute is fun sometimes!!