Monday, March 16, 2009

Mummies Alive Prop Designs

About 13 years ago I had my very first job in the animation Industry. I had just moved to LA from Detroit and had no idea what I was doing but was lucky enough to land a job as Prop Designer on a show called Mummies Alive. It was a fun project, eveything had to have an Egyptian look about it. I must admit, designing an answering machine that looked like it was from ancient Egypt was challenging! In case you don't know Mummies Alive was about a group of crime fighting Mummies who slept in their circoficus's by day and protected their city and fought crime by night. Here's a small collection of props I did for the show.


Raymond Santos said...

oh man, memories! i remember watching that show when i was a little kid. Great stuff here, always love stopping by your blog for inspiration.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

sounds like it would have been a fun job! Nice work...for a beginner!

Gordon Hammond said...

Thanks Ray.....for making feel old that is.

lol..just kidding!

Thanks again dude!

Thanks Isaac..yea it was a blast! Imagine cleaning up all that stuff!

Ku said...

Hi, just found your blog by chance.

Great work! I am sick at home today but I found your cartoonist blogs for a whole world of entertainment. Thanks, Google image...!

Gosh, I love cartoons.

Gordon Hammond said...

thanks very much Ku!

I hope you're feeling better soon....ahhh chew!